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The Hazards of Decision Overload

Long article from Health Usnews Mar 15: Having to make choices wears us out, says psychologist Barry Schwartz, a visiting prof. at the Haas School of Business at the University of Cal. (archive) -Berkeley, and author of The Paradox of Choice. The more options we have,… (more…)

Treadway: Rosie the Riveter gala to honor women who reshaped history

Eastbaytimes Mar 15: March 22 at the UC Berkeley Canadian Studies Program, 213 Moses Hall, No. 2308. (more…)

Prescott, Ohanian: How the Golden State lost its luster

Mercurynews Mar 15: A recent UC Berkeley (archive) report estimates that over half of Ca. schools do not adequately repair their physical plants. (more…)

Skate Or DIY: Why Is It So Damn Hard To Build A Skate Park In Oakland?

Long article from Eastbayexpress Mar 15: Meanwhile, abundant other Bay Area cities have constructed a lot of parks, including Richmond, Berkeley, Alameda, San Leandro, Hayward, Union City, and Fremont. (more…)

Berkeley honors Marian Diamond, who radically changed how we think about the brain

Berkeleyside Mar 14: The city’s resolution reads in part: (more…)

First woman named as UC Berkeley chancellor

Mercurynews Mar 13: Dirks, announced in Aug that he would step down in the wake of a series of sexual harassment scandals that riled the university community… (archive) (more…)

Campus sophomore Taehan Lee announces independent candidacy for ASUC Senate

Dailycal Mar 13: UC Berkeley (archive) sophomore Taehan Lee announced Sun afternoon that he is running independently for ASUC Senate in the spring 2017 elections . (more…)






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Former Sun-Times Editor Ralph Otwell dies; guided investigations

Lengthy story in Chicago Suntimes Mar 15: …from Central Casting to portray the dignified editor of a major metropolitan newspaper, you would pick Ralph Otwell,” stated former Sun-Times city editor Alan D. Mutter, now a teacher at the UC-Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. (more…)

What the Cal men’s basketball team would be doing if they weren’t playing basketball

Dailycal Mar 15: Or, maybe he’d emulate his performance on the court on campus, hanging out with his upperclassman squad and running the ship for organizations such as the ASUC just as well as the seniors in the organization,… (more…)

Cal men’s basketball’s NIT quest to become Nation’s 69th-best team

Dailycal Mar 14: Played in Madison Square Garden in the heart of Whole new New York City City, the “Mecca” of both basketball and journalism at the time, there was simply more opportunity for the NIT to shine. (more…)

Who ARE these guys — who’s actually playing in your favorite bands

Comprehensive coverage in Eastbaytimes Mar 14: Jul 23; Greek Theatre, Berkeley;…Best reason to attend: It’s a great bill (illustration), also featuring Garbage and punk legends Exene… (more…)


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Berkeley City Council may consider dropping Wells Fargo, again

Politics – Berkeleyside Mar 14: A Finance Department report on the agenda tonight says it is “necessary” for the city to continue banking with Wells Fargo for the next 3 years as staff consider other options, but suggests individual services that could be switched… (more…)

Fight to underground BART in Berkeley one of many tales told in new book

Berkeleyside Mar 14: In 1960, as transportation engineers laid out plans to build BART around the Bay, the Berkeley City Council passed a resolution calling for the line to be underground within city limits. (more…)

Kate Harrison to be sworn in Wednesday as new Berkeley City Council member

Berkeleyside Mar 14: That group donated $11, five hundred to Harrison’s campaign, according to city campaign finance records. (more…)

Teen from Berkeley killed in Oakland; memorial, fundraiser honor him

Berkeleyside Mar 14: The man has been identified by friends and family online as 18-year-old Sultan Bey, who was from Berkeley and previously attended Berkeley schools, though he was an Emeryville resident at the time of his death. (more…)



UC Berkeley Student Reading 2013 – Story Hour in the Library

Youtube: Story Hour in the Library celebrates the writers in Berkeley campus community with an annual student reading. The event features…

Joe Jimenez, CEO of Novartis at Berkeley-Haas

Youtube: Joseph Jimenez, Haas MBA 84 and CEO of Novartis, spoke to the Berkeley-Haas community about leadership and the pharmaceutical industry in his Dean’s Speaker Ser…


“Alien Life on Earth” –New Tree of Life Foreshadows the Amazing Potential Diversity of Life in the Cosmos

Long article from Dailygalaxy Mar 14: What became really apparent on the tree is that so much of the diversity is coming from lineages for which we really only have genome sequences, remarked Jill Banfield, a UC Berkeley professor… (more…)


Carol Christ named UC Berkeley chancellor-designate, pending regent approval

Lengthy story in Berkeleyside Mar 13: The University of Calif. Office of the President issued the following message Monday. (more…)


UC Berkeley majors as animals

Dailycal Mar 13: …hanging around and doing nothing. And considering how sloths are the laziest animals on Earth, media studies is probably the laziest major here on campus. EECS/CS: Ants… (more…)


Novato residents concerned about zoning changes near downtown

Marinij Mar 11: To help develop brand new guidelines, the city hired Opticos Design Incorporated of Berkeley for $68,623 to create density standards that align with the general plan. … …Novato was a town. Now they’re turning (illustration: Faeryan) (more…)


Exploring the Quirky in Berkeley

Alumni Berkeley has a long article Mar 13: For Tom Dalzell, a small scratch on the elbow in 2011 prompted a whirlwind of events, one that would take that person on a sinuous journey through nearly every street of Berkeley. (more…)


U.S. News Law School Rankings Are Good News for Northwestern, Bummer for Berkeley

Long article from LAW Mar 14: After flirting with the top ten on the America News & World Report’s annual law school rankings for most of the past 10 years Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law has finally broken through. (more…)


College Life Tuesday, March 14, 2017 How to console your friends during midterm season

Dailycal Mar 14: We’re in the thick of midterm season, and we’re all struggling to keep a social life (just kidding, we’re UC Berkeley students so our social life is already nonexistent) while juggling our classes. (more…)


Budget woes threaten REALM Charter Schools

Eductaion – Berkeleyside has a long article Mar 14: The budget gap prompted the Berkeley School Board to issue a notice of violation to REALM in Jan for fiscal mismanagement and a failure to meet the conditions of its charter renewal in 2015. REALM has until Jul 1 to come up with a plan to… (more…)