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Skate Or DIY: Why Is It So Damn Hard To Build A Skate Park In Oakland?

Published Wednesday March 15

Photo: Eastbayexpress

A profile of Oakland’s skate-park legacy — and the skaters working to build more places to shred.

If you see Matthew Kurtin enjoying himself at Piedmont’s skate park, aliens probably abducted and replaced the person with a faulty clone. It’s not that he doesn’t love skateboarding. He’s just short on love for his hometown park.

“The layout of the park, it’s like it was designed, or it must have been designed, by someone who has never been on a skateboard before in their entire life,” Kurtin told the Express .

He’s not alone. Oakland skate parks suffer from all kinds of problems, and the city’s growing skate scene clamors for something better.

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