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UC Berkeley majors as animals

Published Monday March 13

Photo: Dailycal

Sssssss. Is that a Haas snake we hear? Probably, considering they’re basically everywhere. The Haas snake is an overrated creature, consistently being the butt of the joke of UC Berkeley via memes on UCBMFET. But what about the other majors here at UC Berkeley?

What are their animal equivalents? Well, we at the Clog decided it was finally time to release our shortlist of other popular UC Berkeley majors as animals so that they too can see fame on the meme page. But just remember, we’re all Bears at heart.

Now that we’ve revealed the spirit animals of a few of the majors on campus, it’s time to reflect on your own inner animal. So, are you as vicious as an MCB shark or as lazy as a media studies sloth?

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